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Welcome to Veggie Secret!

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​Welcome to Veggie Secret!

I am Laura, the founder of Veggie Secret, and I am here to guide you in your journey towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle the Vegetarian way.

Choosing to go all- veggie and no-meat in your diet is actually a challenging one because that means letting go of your fast food and take-away favorites as well as most of your comfort food (I know for sure you have steak somewhere in your list 😉 ).

But putting off all those calorie-and-saturated-fat-rich favorites of yours come with an amazing promise - a healthy and fulfilling, meat-free life. So I shall congratulate you for having the guts to go all the way to being a Vegetarian. Kudos!

So, your journey to being a full-fledged Vegetarian starts here.

​Making your first steps

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You have actually made the first and right step by coming to our website!

At this point, you might feel anxious; maybe a bit lost as to where to start, and get all the motivation you need to become a Vegetarian.

Here at Veggie Secret, we make sure that we provide you with all the tools you need to know on your journey towards being a Vegetarian and living a fulfilled, healthy lifestyle.

The tools toward living a healthy and fulfilled Vegetarian lifestyle we provide here at Veggie Secret are the following:

  • Right information that is credible and evidence-based
  • Meal plan and recipes for Veggie-based diets that are apt to your body and lifestyle
  • The latest news, updates, and trends you need to know about while living a no-meat lifestyle
  • Real inspiring and motivational stories from veggie advocates and enthusiasts you can draw strength upon
  • Pieces of advice from experts and up-to-date market watch for you to be able to get the best produce regarding the quality and price in the market
  • Subscription to our [weekly/monthly] newsletter
  • Helpful health and Vegetarian lifestyle advice from yours truly!

Now that you have made the first step by being here at Veggie Secret, let us see how we can take you to the next level!

Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian

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It is common knowledge that going for the no-meat, all-veggie lifestyle can bring you countless benefits, even life-changing ones when it comes to your health, your overall wellness as an individual, and even to the environment!

To keep your spirit and passion toward being a full-fledged Vegetarian burning, here are some facts about the benefits of choosing the Vegetarian way of living.A Vegetarian Diet can keep you from some diseases

​Going for an all-veggie and no-meat diet is simply one of the healthiest ways to live your life. Vegetarian or plant-based diets should consist of plenty of fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetable produce as well as healthy whole grains that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

​These healthy staples are also very rich in fiber that regulates digestion, keeping your body free from toxins and free radicals. Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan Diets also bring your body essential micronutrients such as Vitamins B1, folic acid, iron, and Omega 3 which is good for the heart.

Veggie-based diets are also low in cholesterol and saturated fats which lower the risk of developing major common and chronic diseases. Some of these debilitating illnesses you can avoid by going Vegetarian are:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular or heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Cancer (Especially prostate and colon cancer)

You cannot go wrong with a Vegetarian diet whether you are a pregnant mom, in his or her mid-20s or someone who is in senior years. Vegetarian or plant-based diets are absolutely healthy and guilt-free.

Animal Rights and Welfare

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Vegetarians have various reasons as to why they choose the no-meat, and all plant-based diets. Some would say that for them to achieve optimal health while others view diets that include meat as impure or opposed to their religious beliefs and traditions. But some chose to become vegetarians because they want to preserve their life and that of animals.

For animal lovers, it is just heartbreaking to know how the meat and poultry industry do their job. Animal cruelty is one of the most controversial issues in our current food production industry.

As far as best practices are concerned, an increasing number of factory farming companies have veered away from acceptable and humane methods in meat production.If you have been a concerned citizen of the Earth, and your values are aligned to animal rights and welfare, then, going Vegetarian is a perfect choice.

Since you are on a meatless and plant-based diet, one innocent pig might be spared of the ruthless ways in the slaughter house.

All-Natural and Environment-Friendly

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With the most pressing issues concerning our environment such as global warming, our natural resources begin to deplete.

One of the culprits of the thinning out of our ozone layer and the crisis we are experiencing today are the large manufacturing companies that expel bad gases that are detrimental to our health and environment.

In a report by the UN back in 2010, it states that our environment is currently running low in supporting our current level of food production vis-a-vis consumption for much longer. They are calling for a global shift that encourages moving away from consuming animal products.

​The report states that we are using natural resources and raw materials inefficiently for animal food production. If our animal resources run out, it will be very difficult for us to find a substitute, and it may disturb the order of the food chain.

The UN also stressed the fact that impacts from the agricultural sector are seen to increase significantly due to population inflation alongside increase of animal product consumption of the general population.

Of course we cannot deny the fact that people have to eat but this pressing issue, if not addressed well and taken action, our animal resources will run out and go extinct. Again, substitution will be very difficult and will not be an option.

A substantial global change in diet which means away from animal products will have substantial reduction of impacts to our agricultural sector. With that said, going for plant-based diets is the way to go.

With plant-based Vegetarian diets and lifestyle, your body does not only benefit from it but also the environment. Eating all-natural and organic produce also keeps our body free from radicals, and it has a good impact on the environment as well since nothing will go to waste.

So go, go, go organic! Go for no-meat, plant-based diets. Choose to be healthy, and make our world a better place to live in. Continue your journey to being a full-fledged Vegetarian with us.

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